Android App:


This is my first lucrative solo project. is a custom server side unofficial add-on to the popular game Among Us. at the point of writing this has totaled 2.6 million downloads on the Google Play store and I plan to release an iOS app in the coming months.

I developed on my weekends in the final months of 2020, at it’s peak in early 2021 it was averaging around 3800 concurrent players and hundreds of thousands of daily active users.

Across YouTube it has garnered over 50 million views and I worked with big content creators such as SocksFor1, Jelly, Vannoss, to name but a few.

The app total metrics as of 12/05/2021

In-depth was originally just a custom mode called “Zombies Are Among Us” created around Halloween 2020. It was a server side plugin I created for for myself and my friends to play as we were starting to get a bit bored of regular Among Us game play.

Shortly after we played it I posted a video demo clip of it.

I was soon contacted by a YouTuber with a few hundred subscribers who played it and also uploaded a video on it. The next person who reached out had 300,000 thousand subs, then pretty quickly I was having meetings with the likes of Ssundee and Socksfor1 who have millions of subscribers and hit the top of YouTube gaming almost daily.

Originally this was going to be PC only but I soon figured out that the Android version of Among Us worked the same way as the PC version. I developed the app and put it onto the Google Play store. It quickly shot to #3 on the trending apps section of Russia’s Google Play Store.

I monetized the app first of all with a banner advert, later adding a video advert when the PLAY button was pressed, before changing Among Us to the custom region and launching the game. The video advert generated about 10x the revenue of the banner advert, which helped pay for DigitalOcean server costs and made a nice tidy profit.

I have regularly communicated with ForteBass the programmer from Innersloth who created Among Us about new features and inner workings of the Among Us code. Himself and the team at Innersloth have been incredibly supportive of the modding community. I continue to maintain and update with new releases of Among Us.

At the time of writing this, is still the biggest and most successful modded Among Us server. There are over ten custom modes such as;



Crazy Colors


All in all the project was highly successful and I had an incredible time developing this over late 2020 and into early 2021. As Among Us’ hype is slowly dropping off so is’s. I plan to keep the servers up and running as long as is still profitable. This might be a few months, maybe a few years, who knows? With my upcoming release of the iOS app this may open up to a whole heap of new players who were previously unable to play.