This was the first title I worked on in the games industry. I started out being chucked into the deep end of a 15+ year old code base full of cyber cobwebs and digital dust. At first I was primarily fixing small bugs but within a couple weeks on the project I was tasked with prototyping some of the new weapons for this installment of the franchise. This involved me working alongside QA, design, audio, art, animation, as well as other coders to develop the Jade Ghost and Yellow Drill weapons.

My main contribution to TSR was the ‘Team Adventure’ mode, the campaign mode for the game. I was tasked with the technical design work for the system to hold and use all of the data needed for the campaign. What story beat to play, which level to load into, what characters to put onto the racetrack etc.

When developing this system I wanted it to be really easy for the designers to be able to input all the campaign data without my assistance. I ended up using an open source piece of software called “Free Mind”. It allowed me to create a mind map of the games campaign, linking story beats to chapters, it also handily exported as an XML file! Which was automatically converted to the in-house SumoXML file during the overnight build process and then parsed into the games data at runtime.